Getting to know Gen Z (Pivotals) for marketers and brands

Generation Y are considered Millennials, Generation Z are considered Pivotals.

This study from Jan 2017 highlights the key differences between the pivotals (under 21) and the millennials (under 37):


Pivotals want to work for our success, not be discovered

69% of Pivotals believe that success is a matter of hard work and has little or nothing to do with luck compared to 63% of Millennials, 58% of Gen X and 55% of Boomers

53% of Pivotals agree success is the most important thing in life compared to 46% of Millennials, 35% of Gen X and 31% of Boomers

85% of Pivotals believe “grades in school” are the most important thing (more important than time relaxing and hanging out with friends)


Pivotals believe that equality is non-negotiable

72% of Pivotals consider racial equality to be the most important issue today, 64% say gender equality and 48% say sexual orientation equality

60% of Pivotals will support brands that take a stand on issues they believe in regarding human rights, race and sexual orientation

Environmentalism is not as big of a concerning issue among Pivotals. They trail all other generations when asked about what areas of environmental policy are most important.


Pivotals want brands to be real so we can be unique

31% of Pivotals would rather be considered “unique” than “real”

58% of Pivotals prefer to create their own fashion statement

49% of Pivotals would pay extra for a product that is consistent with the image they want to present

77% of Pivotals like ads that show real people in real situations


Pivotal have our own system of rules and etiquette for how we use social media – unlike millennials, Pivotal’s tend to undershare on social media

Facebook – information hub

Twitter – real-time engagement

Instagram – aspirational platform

Snapchat – real life


Download the report here.