See how Black Friday unfolded on Facebook and Instagram

Black Friday is considered the biggest sales event of the year

As the biggest social network in the world, Facebook has tracked the online conversation surrounding Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday (Nov 23 – 27) and discovered that more than 130 million people were talking about the holiday on the Facebook and Instagram platform.

Across the five days:

– video proved the most popular format (shopping guides, stories, in-store)

– local shops drove conversation with their own hashtags by creating a day for themselves in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (“Small Business Saturday” #shopsmall #shoplocal)

– 35 – 54 year old discussed Black Friday and Small Business Saturday most

– 18 – 34 year old discussed Cyber Monday most


The transferable takeaways from Facebook’s research is:

– word of mouth is a powerful driver of conversation and festive events serve as a grand stage for all brands to participate together

– it is better to start the conversation early to take advantage of the tease and lead up before the actual event as people will have plenty to talk about in anticipation

– that said, timing too far in advance can be damaging so brands need to be mindful of audience fatigue that can sometimes happen (see Christmas)

– when the holiday is over, continue to engage as people are still in the shopping spirit

video is the best method for discovering new products and will excite the brand journey if showcased in a memorable way


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