Our Vision
We are inspired to create engaging content that delivers value to end users by telling powerful stories designed to connect with fans on the ME level and foster brand advocacy online. We work with the expertise of our clients and collaborate on campaigns that disrupt the digital space in meaningful ways that excite everyone involved—
from me, to we, to you.
Our Service
Strategic Brand Plan
Developing fresh campaigns that tap into groundbreaking consumer trends and the latest marketing solutions in order to grow your digital presence and bring value to new and existing fans.
Social Media Marketing
A one-stop service for everything social media related. We develop ideas and schedule social media posts & ads ready for your final action.
UI/UX Design
Creating streamlined user experiences that enhance the customer journey by implementing best UI practices when building a new website or restructuring an existing one.
Social Listening & Community Management
Executing brand campaigns and overseeing community management. Each campaign is monitored at the metric level with key findings consolidated into customised monthly reports.
Scripting and producing microcontent, motion graphics, and entertaining minigames that provide bespoke content for the social media platform of your choice—be it Facebook, Instagram, or WeChat.
Company Training & Workshop
Providing coaching sessions on up-to-date social media platform trends and empowering clients with the knowledge to maintain brand relevance in the social media age.
Our Approach
All too often, textbook terms such as ‘content marketing’, ‘big data’ and ‘customer-driven strategy’ have been used in proposals to fill gaps in knowledge, but they only serve to complicate concepts people already understand. We don’t waste time on jargon in the boardroom. Instead, we focus on how to create and maximise value for a brand and its audience.
We consult with clients on key objectives and work to isolate personal pain points by observing how audiences perceive and interact with the brand.
We shake up the status quo by challenging brands to embrace bold online strategies that provide fresh and meaningful experiences to end users.
We turn big ideas into actions by punching above our weight to deliver the best solutions possible to clients.